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Skywalker Sports volleyball net set up standing.The kit includes volleyball, UV-protected net, ground stakes, steel poles, volleyball pump, nylon rope, and a travel bag.
The 12' by 7' Soccer Goal has a white frame, white netting, and green practice banners with a goalie printed on it. The Soccer Goal comes with a bonus green targeting banner with a football player printed on it.
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Red, white, and blue 60-inch mini trampoline with sea animal design on jump mat.Red padded handlebar on inside of enclosure net, and white enclosure pole outside of the enclosure net.
The 40-inch SkyFitness trampoline is black with orange bungee cords. A close-up view of the white SkyFitness logo on the black jump mat.
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Yellow and gray 55-inch mini trampoline with monkey design on the jump mat.Corner of enclosure net is looped around yellow pole cap. The cap covers the top of gray foam-padded enclosure pole.
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The Fielder Screen is 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide with a gray frame and black netting.The black netting is secured to the gray frame with bungee cords.
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The 7-foot by 5-foot Sky Screen has a gray steel frame, black netting, and a green Skywalker Sports sleeve on one corner. The Z-shaped design allows the frame to be rotated to accommodate different pitching styles.
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55" Round Bounce-N-Learn Interactive Mini Trampoline with Enclosure and Sound55" Round Bounce-N-Learn Interactive Mini Trampoline with Enclosure and Sound
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Light blue and seafoam green 55-inch mini trampoline with brontosaurus design on jump mat.Light blue frame pad sits between lower and upper enclosure nets. Seafoam green enclosure poles go through frame pad.
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Skywalker Trampolines sticker, silicone wristband, and socks. Overhead view of the wristband, sticker, and pair of socks.
The Baseball and Softball Cart has green and black netting materials, black wheels, and a gray steel frame.Close view of the powder-coated heavy-duty steel tubing with a slick gray finish.
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The 6-foot by 6-foot Pitchers L-Screen has a gray steel frame and black polyethylene netting.The 6-foot Pitchers L-Screen is turned to the side to show the constructed feet.
Red and white Skywalker Sports regulation size hockey goal.The white net loops onto the red powder-coated steel frame.
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Green, blue, and yellow 40-inch mini kids trampoline with lily-pad design on jump mat.Overhead view of lily-pad design on jump mat. Green lily-pads are surrounded by blue circles.
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Red, yellow, and blue 48-inch mini kids trampoline with zoo animal design on jump mat.Black jump mat depicts elephant, zebra, and monkey design.
Multi-Sport ball cart with double-basket design, two wheels, and green and black netting. Green fabric loops over the steel frame in order to attach the netting.
Yellow and blue modular jungle gym base with a white background. Close-up view of metal bolts in blue jungle gym pole.
The Hanging Jungle Line module must be attached between the Monkey Bars and the Hanging Bridge modules. The Hanging Jungle Line comprises of various ninja obstacles to provide a challenge for your kids
The Hanging Jungle Line and the Hanging Bridge are connected to the Jungle Gym Base and the Monkey Bars. Close-up view of the various ninja obstacles on the Hanging Jungle Line module.
Yellow and blue Arched Ladder accessory module is attached to the yellow and blue Modular Jungle Gym base.Straight-on view of the yellow and blue Arched Ladder accessory module.
The Hanging Bridge Module, connected to the jungle gym base, has blue and red poles, plastic-coated chains, and steel suspended steps. Six steel steps are suspended by plastic-coated chains.
The Saucer Swing Accessory Module is connected to the Modular Jungle Gym Base.Close-up view of the green and black polypropylene-covered saucer swing seat.
The blue, red, and yellow swing set module connects to the jungle gym base on one side.The handgrip swing has blue handles, a yellow leg bar, and plastic-coated chains.
The Saucer Swing sits on the left of the jungle gym base, and the Arched Ladder sits on the right of it.The saucer swing seat is made of polypropylene with black in the center and green around the edges.
The double basketball hoop game has black netting; gray foam; and a red, white, and blue basketball hoop. The basketball hoop has a Velcro hook-and-loop attachment.