How long does shipping take?

Your product will be shipped as quickly as possible after you order and should arrive within 7-10 business days depending on the shipping speed of the carriers.

Do your trampolines come with a ladder?

No, our trampolines do not come with a ladder included. But you're always welcome to purchase one of our ladders in addition to your trampoline. 

2-Rung Wide-Step Ladder

3-Rung Ladder-Made in USA

What is the weight limit for your trampolines?

It varies by trampoline. Every product description will list the recommended weight limit for that specific trampoline. Click here to learn more about how we calculate our trampoline weight limits. 

Where can I go to find help with trampoline assembly?

Our YouTube channel is a great resource for assembly help. There we have in-depth assembly videos that show step-by-step how to put together your new trampoline.

Or you can check out these blog posts below for some more basic assembly tips!

The Holidays: Trampoline Assembly Guide

7 Trampoline Assembly Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How do I know which trampoline is right for me?

It all depends based on your family’s situation! Take a look at a few of our blog posts to see which trampoline would be best suited for your scenario.

 A Guide to Choosing a Trampoline

Will a Trampoline Fit in My Yard?

What's in the Shape?

What is your warranty?

Our limited warranty only covers normal wear and tear and manufacturer defects. The standard warranty for most trampolines is 3 years on the frame and 1 year on all the other materials. Check your trampoline's product description or manual for your product's specific warranty. To file a warranty claim, contact our customer service team through our support page. 

How should we care for our trampoline during winter months?

Here’s a blog post that walks you through the most important steps!

The Best Way to Winterize Your Outdoor Trampoline

Does your warranty cover weather damage?

Our warranty does not cover damage due to the effects or acts of nature, such as earthquakes, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, rain, fire, snow, excessive heat and cold conditions, or sun damage.

So please anchor your trampoline! It may save you lots of money on replacement parts if there’s a storm.

Click here to shop our 4-pack of wind stakes.

Do your trampolines help with special needs?

Short answer: yes, trampolines can be a great therapy tool for children with autism or other disorders.

Click on the page below for more info:

Autism Awareness

Where can I buy a Skywalker Trampoline?

In addition to our website, our trampolines can be purchased from any of our authorized retailers. If the trampoline is purchased from a retailer that is not authorized, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product or the warranty. 

Take a look at our list of authorized retailers here

Do you sell or recommend any basketball hoop attachments for trampolines?

Trampolines and basketball hoops go hand in hand like bread and butter.

We offer a few different options depending on which trampoline you have. Click below to check them out!

Classic Single Basketball Hoop

Double Basketball Hoop for 15' Round Trampoline

Double Basketball Hoop for 12' Round Trampoline

Does jumping on a trampoline improve my health?

Yes! Who knew that a workout could be as fun as jumping on trampoline?

Read some of the health benefits here.