Autism Awareness


Autism, or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), is a wide-spectrum developmental disorder that affects both communication and behavior. Because it is known as a wide-spectrum disorder, symptoms can vary wildly in type and severity, and no two people with autism are the exact same. However, there are some common experiences and behaviors that link people with ASD.  People with ASD often struggle with social interactions, sensory processing, repetitive behaviors, and nonverbal communication.

Why We Care

Did you know that trampolines can be a valuable therapy tool for individuals with autism? Because physical movement can influence brain functions, many therapists will use trampolines to help children with autism develop control over how their brain receives and organizes incoming sensory information.

Trampolines also are a great way to cope with stress or anxiety. Many children with autism seek certain sensations, such as jumping, to calm down from these emotions.

Jumping on a trampoline is always a fun activity, but for children with ASD, trampolines can significantly improve their sensory processing skills and serve as a healthy coping mechanism.

We understand that we have the privilege of selling and manufacturing products that are uniquely capable of improving the lives of those with autism. That’s why we strive to use our position in the trampoline industry to advocate and make a difference.

The month of April is designated to help increase the awareness and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder. To celebrate this month, Skywalker Trampolines holds social media giveaways to give individuals with autism the chance to receive a free trampoline. Additionally, we donate annually to local and national charities that help individuals and families with autism.