ActivPlay Hanging Jungle Line Accessory Module

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No-pinch joint covers prevent pinched fingers.


Designed to encourage children to use their imagination during play.


Choose the configuration of your playground thanks to our modular design.

This item is being discontinued. Available only while supplies last.

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The ActivPlay Hanging Jungle Line Accessory Module

Let your little climbers enjoy hours of fun on the ActivPlay Hanging Jungle Line. Made of weather-resistant steel, the Hanging Jungle Line meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards, providing children with a solid foundation for growth and development. Our Hanging Jungle Line must be connected to the monkey bars and hanging bridge accessory modules for proper assembly. The Hanging Jungle Line showcases an array of suspended ninja obstacles at varying heights to add fun and versatility to your playground equipment. Meant for ages six and up, the Hanging Jungle Line challenges even the best climbers, giving your backyard a jungle gym your family can grow into and enjoy for years to come.. Make your kid's playground experience one of a kind by adding the ActivPlay Hanging Jungle Line Accessory Module to your playset.