ActivPlay Hanging Bridge Accessory Module

Sale price$249

No-pinch joint covers prevent pinched fingers.


Designed to encourage children to use their imagination during play.


Choose the configuration of your playground thanks to our modular design.

This item is being discontinued. Available only while supplies last.

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The ActivPlay Hanging Bridge Accessory Module

Customize your ActivPlay Modular Jungle Gym with the Hanging Bridge Accessory Module! Made of weather-resistant steel, this hanging bridge passes all playground safety standards, providing a durable framework for children to climb and swing. The hanging bridge accessory features six steel steps, which are suspended by heavy-duty plastic-coated chains. Your kids will love the challenge of the hanging bridge, and it will quickly become a favorite of all ages. When combined with the Modular Jungle Gym, the ActivPlay Hanging Bridge Accessory Module is the perfect beginning to future backyard adventures.