About Us

Skywalker Trampolines

At Skywalker Trampolines we come to work every day excited about what we do. We are a company filled with people who are passionate about our products, we care about the people that use them, and we hope it shows.

We pride ourselves not only in the safety and quality of our products but also how we interact with our customers. You are our number one priority. We care about what you have to say, and we listen.

Our vision is to ignite the love for play in the young that will grow with age, setting a foundation for an active way of life.

Our mission is to help people connect. Connect with themselves, connect with their family and connect with the outdoors.

In 2004 our founders made a decision to never sell a trampoline without an enclosure net. Every trampoline purchased comes with an easy to assemble patented enclosure that ensures the safety of jumpers by keeping them away from the springs.

Each new product created reflects our values to connect people with themselves, their family and the outdoors.