A Guide to Choosing a Trampoline

A Guide to Choosing a Trampoline

Just like a contestant on a cheesy reality TV dating show, you’re searching for THE ONE, and at times, it might feel like you’re searching for a unicorn. We’re talking about trampolines that are safe and fun, yet affordable. Luckily, with all the different options we offer at Skywalker Trampolines, that’s not too much to ask. Don’t sell yourself short; you deserve a trampoline that checks all the boxes. We are here to help you meet your match, so keep reading to learn the different factors you should consider when picking out a trampoline.



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We know it can be hard to part with your hard-earned money for a big purchase like a trampoline, but there are trampolines out there for every budget! The size, shape, materials, and additional features can all affect a trampoline’s price point, making them range from just a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

If your budget is tight, look for smaller round trampolines. Less frame = less money. Bigger trampolines in shapes such as rectangle and square typically have more robust frames, so they have a higher cost.

Your trampoline can last for years, so remember that the price is an investment! You’re not just paying for some framed polypropylene. You’re paying for a new method of exercise, a screen-free distraction for the kids, and fun bonding time for the whole family! 🙌 Of course, keep your eyes out for any exclusive deals or sales that we may offer during the holidays or during the spring season, so you can get the best bounce for your buck.



If the fact that there are other trampoline shapes out there besides round is news to you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. In case you didn’t know, at Skywalker Trampolines, we primarily sell 4 different shapes in a variety of sizes. Each shape is better suited for different needs, so that typical round trampoline you’ve been envisioning might not be the best option for your family! We’ve covered the differences between shapes more in-depth in this blog post, but here’s a crash course.

Round kids trampoline with blue spring pad


The round trampoline is a classic choice and by far the most common shape on the market. Don’t mistake common for boring, though! With the springs equally placed around the frame, this shape creates a consistent bounce that is great for any user. It naturally redirects the jumper back towards the middle of the trampoline regardless of where take-off was made.



Oval kids trampoline with blue spring pad


If trampolines could have relatives, oval trampolines would be like the round trampoline’s older cousin. Like rounds, oval trampolines point the jumper back to the center of the jump mat, but ovals have just a slightly larger jumping surface than a round trampoline. This unique shape generally offers a softer bounce.


Square kids trampoline with blue spring pad



Squares are a great shape to consider when looking for overall quality and performance. Square trampolines provide over 20% more jumping space on average than a round trampoline of equal size because you can utilize the corners of the jump mat, nonexistent on a round or oval trampoline. They also offer a great, even-surface bounce without sacrificing jump space to do so.  At Skywalker Trampolines, it’s okay to be square!



Rectangle kids trampoline with blue spring pad

Rectangle trampolines provide the best bounce of any trampoline shape and are preferred by athletes and gymnasts due to the extra-long jumping surface on one side. The shape of the rectangle causes the springs to work more independently, creating an evenly controlled takeoff and landing regardless of a jumper’s position on the trampoline mat. Compared to the square, you will lose out on a bit of jump space, but if a big bounce is your number one priority, then rectangle just might be your match.



Measuring backyard trampoline size

As much as we’d like to just say, “Go big or go home”, we know that size is sometimes dependent on your circumstances. If your budget is tight, you may be limited on how large of a trampoline you can pick. Otherwise, the deciding factor is typically how much available space you have in your yard. Once assembled, you will want about two to three feet of clearance on all sides of the trampoline, so include that in calculations when measuring out how much trampoline you can fit. We always recommend getting the largest size you can because of course, the bigger the trampoline, the larger the jumping space!


Weight Capacity

We always follow American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards when testing weight capacity, which means we test our trampolines to four times the determined maximum recommended user weight. We recommend always purchasing trampolines that have their weight capacities well tested to meet or exceed these safety standards. Being safe is cool, we promise. 😎

Testing trampoline weight limit

Paying attention to the weight capacity is very important because frequently exceeding the recommended weight limit can cause warranty issues down the road. If you have a younger family, you can get away with a trampoline that has a lower recommended weight limit. Some of our smaller trampolines have recommended user weights in the range of 175-200 pounds. If you have older children, be sure to search out those with higher weight capacities. Our Premium trampolines and Epic Series Trampolines have higher recommended user weights of 350 and 400 pounds respectively.


Safety Features

Trampoline with patented no-gap enclosure net

The most important decision is one you don’t even have to make. Here at Skywalker Trampolines, we continually strive to make sure our trampolines are some of the safest in the industry. The most essential safety feature of a trampoline is the enclosure net as many trampoline-related injuries occur as a result of falling off or getting caught in the springs of the trampoline. Every single trampoline sold by Skywalker Trampolines will feature a tightly-woven enclosure net and a no-gap patent, so with us, you never have to choose fun over safety. Now that’s the best of both worlds!



Trampoline spring pads in various colors

Many trampolines can be customized by choosing different spring pad colors. Spring pads are what cover the springs on your trampoline for additional safety. Typically, they come in basic bold colors and even sometimes different patterns like camo. Picking a trampoline with a spring pad in your child’s favorite color is an easy way to make your trampoline feel unique.

You can take an already fun trampoline and make it even more exciting by picking out fun accessories. Our most popular trampoline accessory is an attachable basketball hoop. Jumping on a trampoline makes it much easier to dunk a basketball, so this is the perfect option to encourage little basketball fanatics to play outside for longer. 🏀

We offer other sports accessories such as volleyball nets or toss games. If you have a big family that all want to enjoy outdoor time together, getting multiple fun accessories for your trampoline is a great idea. Other common accessories include functional items such as storage bags, ladders, weather covers, and wind stakes. You’ll probably end up wanting some of these add-on accessories sooner or later, so why not purchase them from the get-go!?

If reading this felt like a too-quick round of speed dating, just remember that with Skywalker Trampolines, you can’t go wrong. No matter the size, shape, or color of your future trampoline, one thing is for sure: safe, family fun is on your horizon. Now get jumping! 🤪

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