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Welcome to the Hundred-Acre Wood

Welcome to the Hundred-Acre Wood

Welcome to the Hundred-Acre Wood, where bears are obsessed with honey, Heffalumps run wild, and mini trampolines provide hours of indoor AND outdoor fun. Designed with young adventurers in mind, our delightful new mini trampoline collection brings the magic of Winnie the Pooh and his friends to life while providing a safe and fun bouncing experience. These trampolines can also improve your toddler’s coordination, motor skills, and can help with anxiety or sensory needs. Let us introduce you to the different sizes and themes of these mini trampolines, because just like the Hundred-Acre Wood, these trampolines have a lot for us to explore! 

Before we get into all the other brag-worthy features, the two main hallmarks of all the models in this toddler trampoline collection are the adorable designs and durable weather-resistant materials. In addition to being suited for indoor play, every trampoline in this line is optimized to withstand outdoor use. That means these toddler trampolines offer the flexibility you need as a parent, and trampoline fun for your little ones can continue all year round.*Fist pump 💪* And while Winnie the Pooh is certainly a very lovable bear, we knew this line had to also include theme designs inspired by some of the other residents of the Hundred-Acre Wood, like Eeyore and Kanga. 🎀🦘 

We know from firsthand experience that families are busy! Playgroup, trips to Grandma’s house, daycare, you name it! If you're as busy as a bee 🐝 and need a trampoline that fits with your on-the-go lifestyle, meet our 36” model! We’ve dubbed this mini trampoline the king of portability as it folds into quarters and can quickly be stored in a trunk or closet, thanks to the easy-stow design. And if there’s one thing that parents need, it’s convenience. That’s why this trampoline also comes with the jump mat preassembled to reduce assembly time; no need to spend all your precious weekend time off assembling. But don’t worry that your kiddo is growing like a weed, the trampoline is designed to grow with your child due to the 3 height settings. We're positive that you'll get your money’s worth out of this model!  

If that toddler trampoline isn't your style, just wait, there's more trampoline models to discover in the Hundred-Acre Wood. Here’s some oldies but goodies! If you’ve been a big fan of our previous mini trampoline models in the past, the 48” and 60” models in this line have a similar design, just reimagined with themes starring our beloved Hundred-Acre Wood friends. With upper and lower enclosure nets and 360-degree handlebars, these reliable trampoline models are designed with an emphasis on safety, just like you’ve come to love and expect from our brand. ❤️ 

If you're feeling adventurous and want to take a chance on trying something new, the 6x4 rectangle mini trampoline is a great choice for you. The very first time we’ve transformed our rectangle trampoline to mini size, the rectangle shape creates a great bounce that’ll thrill your toddler. 🤩 And we’ve got the long game in mind, so this mini trampoline has a 200lb weight capacity, letting the older kids join in the fun. But we didn't stop there! The highlight of the product: the included canopy offers shade cover, making this trampoline more comfortable for outdoor play on sunny days. *Psst, that means your little ones will stay occupied outside for longer!* 

If fun galore isn’t a good enough reason to convince you to buy a new Hundred-Acre Wood mini trampoline, then consider another unsung benefit that can come from toddler trampolines. Increasing your kiddo’s physical activity can often help them achieve better sleep! Yes, please! 😴  

After hearing all that, now what are you waiting for? Shop the collection today and explore the Hundred Acre Wood as a family. Adventures await! 🙌

Image of all the mini trampolines in the Hundred-Acre Wood line

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