Fun Trampoline Activities for Kids: The Summer Survival Guide

Young boy draws with chalk on the trampoline jump mat.

Ahh, summertime as a parent 🌞 You know what that means! No school, tons of daylight and a daily reminder that your kids are “bored” and there’s “nothing to do.” Psshh, we say nonsense! That’s why we’ve made this list of our favorite trampoline games and activities to rescue parents from the “I’m bored” movement and steer kids toward a fun and active way of summer living.

Okay, first things first, safety. Skywalker Trampolines tests all of its products for safety and durability to meet or exceed all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. What does this mean? It means we put safety at the forefront and hold ourselves to a higher standard so that you can have the safest, and healthiest trampoline experience possible.

We recommend the following:

  • Always have adult supervision
  • One jumper on the trampoline at a time
  • Carefully review safety instructions included with your trampoline
  • Ensure trampoline is in a flat, clear area free from hazards
  • Always use our safety enclosure net


Trampoline Games & Activities Guide

1. Bull & Matador: This game’s simple and doesn’t require any supplies! One person is the bull, and the other player is the matador. The bull charges around on their hands and knees, trying to tag the matador. (Bonus points if they make bull noises while doing it😜). The matador must avoid being tagged, but they can’t jump over the bull. Each time the matador successfully avoids the bull’s charge, they shout, “Olé!” When the matador is tagged, that player becomes the new bull.

2. Dead Man Rise: This one is an oldie, but a goodie. You might even remember it from your own childhood! One person lays in the middle of the trampoline as the "dead man", and the other players chant ‘dead man, dead man, come alive! come alive, before we count to the number five. One, two, three, four, five, come alive!’ The "dead man" then rises up with their eyes still closed, and the other players then try to avoid the dead man while the dead man tries to crawl around and catch the other players. If you get caught, then you become the new dead man. 

Children playing Dead Man game on trampoline
3. Telehorse: A Skywalker Trampolines basketball hoop accessory adds plenty of fun all on its own, but try out a fun new basketball game we came up with! We decided to combine the game Horse with the concept of the game Telephone to create…. TELEHORSE! And yes, it’s just as fun as it sounds. First, one person begins inside the trampoline and makes a basket in a creative way. Then, the next person enters the trampoline, tries to replicate the move, and then adds on their own move. The third player tries to replicate the first two moves, and also adds a move of their own. This pattern continues until one of the players isn’t able to remember the sequence of moves correctly. They are then “out”, and the game continues until there’s only one player left, who is deemed the winner and champion of Telehorse! 🏆🎉

Young girl dunking a basketball into the basketball hoop
4. Sidewalk Chalk: In trampoline world, chalk makes everything better! For example, use chalk to create your very own art gallery on the surface of the jump mat. The black mat makes for a great canvas against the bright chalk colors. If you want to do more than just doodle, trace out a hopscotch design, section off lava zones, or even draw a DIY Twister board on your trampoline jump mat. The bouncy surface will provide an extra challenge when you’re trying to twist your way to victory. Then rinse off the chalk with a hose to clean your canvas and start all anew! ✨

Young girl sits on trampoline with chalk
5. Silly Photo Contest: Who can look the silliest?! Take turns jumping on the trampoline and take pictures of each other in action. Try to make a silly face or pose right at the peak of the jump. Compare who has the funniest faces or the craziest hair. Assign a friend or family member as the judge to raise the stakes and get your goof on! Oh, and don’t forget to tag us in the photos on social media or use #skywalkertrampolines to get featured on our feed. 🤪📸 

6. Dance Party: Take dancing to a whole new level! Play music as you jump and use the bounce of the trampoline to pull off sweet moves that you couldn’t do on the ground. As you listen to different songs, try to change your bounce to match the beat of each song. Get groovy! 🎵

7. Slumber Party: Like any regular slumber party, but more fun! Gather a bunch of blankets and pillows. There’s a risk they might get dirty, so don’t choose Grandma’s nicest quilts! Remember to sweep off the jump mat beforehand, because it can sometimes get debris on it during play. Pin up some of the blankets around the trampoline enclosure to create a fort and arrange the pillows into comfy piles. For extra warmth, use sleeping bags too. Enjoy the wide, open view of the night sky and stargaze, or get out your flashlights and tell some ghost stories! Oooh spooky!👻 

Three kids having a slumber party on the trampoline
8. Backyard Movie Night: Imagine combining one of your favorite indoor activities, movies, with your favorite outdoor activity, trampolines! If you have a projector, hang up a white sheet against the trampoline enclosure net, and use the sheet as a screen for the movie. If you don’t have a projector, a large laptop can also do just fine. Don’t forget some of the most crucial parts of a movie night: pillows and popcorn!

9. Trampoline Gaga Ball: If you’ve never played gaga ball before, you’re missing out! Similar to dodgeball, gaga ball is a fun fast-paced game that is increasingly becoming a favorite for kids to play at recess or at local parks. The rules are simple: players hit the ball, only aiming at or below the knees of other players, and if you get hit, you’re out. Instead of playing inside a designated gaga ball pit as is usually recommended, use your trampoline as your pit. This game is a perfect option for a group of kids to play together, and parents can even easily join in for family fun.  

10. Cardboard Trampoline Board: Calling all you skaters out there! 📣 This idea will be most fun for kiddos who are interested in skateboarding or snowboarding. Use a sturdy cardboard box to make a trick board for your trampoline, and then, you can practice a sequence of tricks such as kick flips or heel flips with your new trampoline board. Gnarly, dude! 😎

11. Trampoline Obstacle Course: If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, include your trampoline in a full-scale backyard obstacle course. Yeah, that’s right, we’re giving you a challenge. 😏 Put up various obstacles all around your backyard and make your trampoline one of the obstacles. Require each participant to climb into the trampoline and do 5 starfish jumps, for example, before they can move on to the next obstacle. Compete to see who in the neighborhood is the ultimate winner! 🏆 

12. Bombs Away: This game involves two players; one on the trampoline and one outside of it. The player on the outside of the trampoline throws balls (a.k.a. “bombs”) at the player on the trampoline. The person on the trampoline tries to avoid the “bombs”, but if they get hit, then they lose! This is a great game for parents or grandparents to still play with their kids even if they are unable to get on the trampoline. Three cheers for quality family time! 🙌 

Boy jumping over balls on the trampoline

    The struggle is real, but hopefully we’ve sparked some ideas that will help you get the most out of your trampoline experience. Here’s to making it through the last few weeks of summer and beyond! 👊 Let us know on social media if your family tried out any of our ideas, or if you came up with your own, still comment or tag us and we’ll add it to this running list. Happy jumping! 🙌


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