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Self-tapping screw. View of self-tapping screw lying on its side.
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Two orange foam basketballs that have the Skywalker Sports logo on it.
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Basketball block set comes with three pieces. Basketball block and rim are red.
Basketball Block Set- 2 Block, 1 Rim Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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Netting designed for the basketball hoop accessory. Red, white, and blue basketball hoop netting laying in a pile.
Basketball Netting Sale price$7 Regular price$8
Long black string looped in a circle a couple times. Long black string designed to help attach the net on the basketball hoop accessory.
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Small orange foam basketball.
Orange Foam Basketball Sale price$5 Regular price$6
String to help attach basketball hoop to enclosure net. Small gray string to help secure hoop to enclosure net.
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Phillips screw driver with comfortable black handle.
Screw Driver w/Black Handle Sale price$5 Regular price$6
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M5x44mm bolt seen from the front.M5x44mm sized bolt has many ridges on it.
M5x44mm Bolt - Qty 4 Sale price$4 Regular price$5
Double sided wrench lying on its side. Double sided wrench has two different sizes on it.
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Curved steel tube with foam on it.View of the end of the SWBB1500 model's curved tube.
SWBB1500 Curved tube w/ Foam Sale price$6 Regular price$7
Shiny M5 nut hardware.
M5 Nut Sale price$2
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Black netted backboard with white Skywalker Sports logo on it.Folded backboard net designed for 15-foot double basketball hoop.
SWBB1500 Netted Backboard Sale price$15 Regular price$17
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Corner tube is covered with a foam piece.Corner tube forms part of the 15-foot double basketball hoop frame.
SWBB1500 Corner tube w/ Foam Sale price$8 Regular price$9
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Second middle tube with foam on it.Steel tube poking out of the foam sleeve.
SWBB1500 Middle tube 2 w/ Foam Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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First middle tube with foam sleeve on it.SWBB1500 model's middle tube standing upright.
SWBB1500 Middle tube 1 w/ Foam Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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M5x38mm bolt seen from the front.Large M5x38mm sized bolt.
M5x38mm Bolt - Qty 4 Sale price$4 Regular price$5
M5 sized washer. M5 washer used for trampoline assembly.