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Replacement Turret piece for the Swivel Teeter Totter. Turret is made from blue powder-coated steel as well as some black rubber pieces.
Turret Assembly Sale price$23 Regular price$26
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Support pole helps make up the tripod section of the Teeter Totter. Close-up view of one end of the pole.
Support Pole Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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Yellow replacement pole has warning labels on it.Pole piece with yellow powder-coated finish.
Rotation Pole Sale price$14 Regular price$16
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Yellow pole that connects to the seats on the Teeter Totter. Seat pole is made from yellow powder-coated steel.
Seat Pole Assembly- STT100 Sale price$17 Regular price$19
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Powder-coated steel Teeter Totter handle.Replacement handle with a blue powder coat.
Blue Teeter Totter Handle Sale price$10 Regular price$11
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Hard plastic seat plate.Red seat for the Teeter Totter.
Plate (Seat) Sale price$13 Regular price$15
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Yellow steel frame piece.Yellow powder-coated frame piece has a large hole on one end.
Limit Frame Sale price$10 Regular price$11
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Teeter Totter cushion seen upside down.Black cushion helps reduce impact.
Cushion Sale price$5 Regular price$6
Small M6x15 bolt.View of the Philips Head bolt from the front.
Allen head bolt seen from behind. M8x18 Allen head bolt seen from the front.
Long M8x50 sized bolt.M8x50 Allen head bolt seen from the front.
Long M8x62 Allen head bolt.M8x62 bolt seen from the front side.
M8 Split Lock Washer - Qty 4M8 Split Lock Washer - Qty 4
M8 Washer
M8 Washer Sale price$1
M8 sized locknut. M8 locknut with white cap.
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M10x75 sized bolt with Allen head. Large Allen head bolt.
M10x75 Bolt Allen Head - Qty 4 Sale price$6 Regular price$7
M10 sized locknut. Locknut with white cap on it.
6mm Allen wrench tool.Small Allen wrench for help with assembly.
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L-shaped screwdriver. Small L-screwdriver.
L-Screwdriver Sale price$3
Wrench with two sized ends. Wrench seen from a side angle.
Wrench Sale price$3