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40-inch fitness trampoline jump mat with Skywalker Sports logo in the center. 40-inch jump mat lying flat on the ground.
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Fitness trampoline spring rod has a large curve in the middle. Spring rod laying on its side.
Spring Rod Sale price$4 Regular price$5
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Silver-colored spring is 3.5 inches long. Small spring is made from shiny galvanized steel.
3.5" Spring - 20mm Diameter - Qty 6 Sale price$8 Regular price$9
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Frame for a 40-inch fitness trampoline. The 40-inch frame has holes for springs to be inserted.
40" Fitness Trampoline Frame Sale price$17 Regular price$19
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Steel fitness trampoline leg. Black powder-coated steel leg.
Leg Sale price$5 Regular price$6
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Handlebar upright tube made from black powder-coated steel.Close-up view of the socket welded to the upright tube.
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Corner tube of the fitness trampoline handlebar. The tube is curved on one end to form a corner.
Handlebar Corner Tube Sale price$13 Regular price$15
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Black leg end cap.Leg end cap seen from above.
Leg End Cap Sale price$5 Regular price$6
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Plastic rotary bolt designed for fitness trampolines. Plastic rotary bolts have a triangular shape.
Plastic Rotary Bolt Sale price$6 Regular price$7
Small black bolt.Four black M6x30mm bolts.
M6 black replacement washers. Four dark colored washers used for fitness trampolines.
M6 sized cap nut in the color black. Four replacement black cap nuts.