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Top tube constructed from red powder-coated steel. Closer view of the socket on the end of the top tube.
Top Tube Sale price$51
Close-up view of the hollow end of the upright tube. The upright tube is made of blue powder-coated steel.
Upright Sale price$43
Blue U-Tube made from powder-coated steel.
U-Tube Sale price$30
The steel connection frame has a blue powder coat on it. The connection frame piece has flat piece at the end to help screw pieces together.
Connection Frame Sale price$12
Steel foot frame. Close-up view of the two loops on the end of foot frame.
Foot Frame Sale price$15
Long yellow chain. Long yellow chain has two silver hooks at each end.
Long Chain Sale price$14
Short yellow chain with silver hooks.
Short Chain Sale price$8
Chain is yellow with silver hooks on each end. Chain is made of rust-resistant steel.
Chain Sale price$8
Black D28 inner cap. Black rubber cap has multiple ridges on the inside.
Black-colored D50 inner cap.
D50 Inner Cap Sale price$3
Button bolt seen from the front. Long button bolt.
M8 sized lock nut used for jungle gym assembly.
Hex key tool for use in assembling playground equipment. Hex key tool is 5mm.
Double sided wrench lying on its side. Double sided wrench has two different sizes on it.
M8 Washer
M8 Washer Sale price$1