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Corner pole of the jungle gym, designed to stand upright. Close-up view of one end of the pole.
Corner Upright 1 Sale price$41
Blue side upright pole. Top of pole has multiple holes in it.
Side Upright 1 Sale price$41
Side upright pole #2. Pole has a flat base on the end for it to balance on.
Side Upright 2 Sale price$41
Blue corner upright pole with flat base at the end of it. Close-up shot of the base of the pole.
Corner Upright 2 Sale price$41
Long cross bar has two holes on each end. Long cross bar is an important part of the jungle gym base.
Long Cross Bar Sale price$28
Short yellow cross bar made of steel. Close-up view of the hole on one end of the short cross bar.
Short Cross Bar Sale price$12
Blue side upright pole #3 is made from powder-coated steel. Side upright pole has multiple holes to help it connect to other poles.
Side Upright 3 Sale price$41
Side upright pole #4 is made from blue powder-coated steel. The bottom of the upright pole is flat.
Side Upright 4 Sale price$41
Middle upright pole made from blue powder-coated steel. Middle upright pole is flat at the bottom.
Middle Upright 1 Sale price$41
Second middle upright pole in blue powder-coated steel. Pole has one large hole at the bottom.
Middle Upright 2 Sale price$41
Short top upright pole. Top upright pole has holes, so it can connect to the other pieces.
Top Upright 1 Sale price$14
Top upright #2 pole. Two holes can be seen on one end of the top upright pole.
Top Upright 2 Sale price$14
Small yellow plastic cap. Yellow cap covers the tops of poles on the jungle gym base.
Yellow plastic protector. Yellow plastic protector helps cover the joints on the jungle gym.
Four long bolts seen from behind. Four M6x40mm bolts lying in a row.
Four M6 washers. Four M6 washers seen from a side angle.
Four M6 NutsFour M6 Nuts laying on their sides.
View of four M8x20mm button bolts from behind. Four M8x20mm bolts sitting in an uneven row.
Long M8x35mm bolts seen from behind. Four M8x35mm button bolts in a row.
Four M8 arc washers lying in a row, with one washer upside down. Four arc washers sitting in a row.
4mm sized hex key tool.  Hex key tool is used for playground equipment assembly.
Hex key tool for use in assembling playground equipment. Hex key tool is 5mm.
Hex key tool sized 6mm. 6mm hex key used to assemble certain jungle gym modules.
Double sided wrench lying on its side. Double sided wrench has two different sizes on it.
M8 Washer
M8 Washer Sale price$1
Save $7
Saucer SwingSaucer Swing
Saucer Swing Sale price$35 Regular price$42