SAL302.1 Replacement Parts


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Silver and black ladder lower frame base.
Ladder Lower Frame Base Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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Black replacement ladder step.
Ladder Step Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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Complete kit with all the required hardware for the SAL302 model. Hardware pack includes wrench, screwdriver, bolts, washers, and cap nuts.
SAL302 Complete Hardware Pack Sale price$7 Regular price$8
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M6x30mm sized bolt.Golden-colored bolt.
M6x30mm Bolt - Qty 4 Sale price$5 Regular price$6
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Dark-colored M6x40mm replacement bolt.
M6x40mm Bolt Sale price$4 Regular price$5
Four M6 washers. Four M6 washers seen from a side angle.
Silver and white M6 nut. The M6 nuts are silver on the edges and white in the middle.
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Phillips screw driver with comfortable black handle.
Screw Driver w/Black Handle Sale price$5 Regular price$6
Double sided wrench lying on its side. Double sided wrench has two different sizes on it.