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The replacement enclosure straight tube is constructed of rust-resistant galvanized steel.
The enclosure tube is made out of galvanized steel. The upper enclosure tube is curved.
Extra thick foam for enclosure poles. Gray foam is 10 millimeters thick.
Black polyethylene enclosure net designed to fit a 15-foot rectangle trampoline. The black enclosure net has latch clips to ensure the enclosure door stays shut.
The black jump mat is designed for 9-foot by 15-foot rectangle trampolines. The polypropylene jump mat is UV-resistant and woven to prevent slipping.
15-foot rectangle jump mat with "Made in the USA" badge. Black rectangular jump mat with V-rings attached around the edges.
12 springs stacked on top of each other with a spring puller sitting in front of them. 12 springs placed into 2 piles of 6.
Two piles of springs evenly lined up with a spring puller in front of them. 12 galvanized steel springs with a spring puller hooked on the end of one of the springs.
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Black and gray spring pad with a white Skywalker Trampolines logo printed on it. A close-up view of the logo printed onto the black part of the spring pad.
Two 1.75" gray pole caps standing upright next to each other.One gray pole cap standing up and the other pole cap lying flat.
Galvanized steel T-socket designed for rectangle and square trampolines.
T-Socket Sale price$21
Steel main frame tube designed for 15-foot rectangle trampoline.
Main frame middle tube is slightly curved for the 9-foot by 15-foot rectangle trampoline.
Corner tube for the frame of the 9 by 15-foot trampoline. Main frame corner tube seen from another angle.
A leg extension piece with a black powder-coat. A view through the inside of the hollow leg extension piece.
A curved female trampoline leg with a black powder-coating. A view of the holes at the end of the female leg.
A curved male trampoline leg that is covered with black powder-coat. A close-up view of the end of the male trampoline leg.
Spring puller to assist during assembly.
Spring Puller Sale price$4
Complete hardware pack with all hardware necessary to assemble the STRC915.2 trampoline.
Long M10x88 mm bolt hardware.
Four M6 washers. Four M6 washers seen from a side angle.
Four M6 NutsFour M6 Nuts laying on their sides.
Golden-colored M6x70mm bolt. M6x70mm bolt from an above angle so you can see how long it is.
M10 Lock Nut hardware.Lock nut laying on its side.
M10 curved washer for trampoline.
Screwdriver on one side and small wrench sizes on the other side.
Screw Driver w/ Big Wrench
Black zipper clip lying flat. Black zipper from another angle.
Zipper Clip Sale price$3
Plastic black end cap for the T-socket. Above view of the plastic end cap.
Two of the same enclosure pole shown side by side.Photo shows both the squared and rounded ends of the poles.
Upper & Lower Enclosure Pole Kit (1 Set) 4077 & 4187Upper & Lower Enclosure Pole Kit (1 Set) 4077 & 4187