Why SkyFitness Should Be Part of Your 2023 Fitness Routine

Why SkyFitness Should Be Part of Your 2023 Fitness Routine

Achieving your fitness goals comes with its share of challenges, like gloomy outside weather, crowded gyms with (*gulp*) other people, and daily to-do lists a mile long. We get it, being a parent, spouse, or just plain adulting is tough enough by itself without adding exercise into the mix. That’s why we launched SkyFitness, our new brand, for a fresh new take on the whole fitness routine. Forget about jogging, push-ups, and lunges😬, and meet our premier product, the SkyFitness 40” Trampoline, designed to help you rebound your way to health from the comfort of your own home. 

At-Home Workouts? (We like the sound of that) 

At 40 inches across, the SkyFitness trampoline is the optimal size. It won’t take up your whole living room, but it is still large enough to give you a full range of motion to maximize results. Just like Goldilocks’ porridge, this trampoline is *juuuusssst* right. 👌 

Despite the SkyFitness trampoline’s small footprint, the durable frame is still crafted from 16-gauge powder-coated steel (That’s the same gauge we use on our full-size trampolines), strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs. The equipped handlebar easily adjusts to three height settings, making it customizable for jumpers of different sizes.

With You Every Bounce of the Way 

Incorporating rebounding into your fitness routine can be intimidating. You may be thinking, “Do I just jump straight up and down until I can’t anymore?” Well, with the purchase of a SkyFitness trampoline, you will have access to our complimentary SkyFitness companion app, which shows you a variety of exercises and routines that can all be done on the trampoline. Just listen to the instructed tutorials, easy as pie. Forget the pie though, we need something healthier. As easy as carrots?  

To make it easier for you to follow along with the videos as you work out, we also included a phone stand, so you have a safe place to put your phone while you jump. Yeah, that’s right. We thought of everything.

Feel the Burn 🔥 

Why invest in this trampoline when you’ve already got a workout equipment graveyard in your closet? For many people, time is their ultimate enemy when it comes to fitness. Using a fitness trampoline is the best way to maximize your time, because 15 minutes of jumping is the cardio equivalent to 30 minutes of running. So, throw out that treadmill, (just kidding, that will never fit in a trash can), and start jumping. You’ll start feeling the burn quickly as you activate over 400 muscles jumping on this trampoline! Who even needs a gym membership anymore?! 

If you frequently have joint pain while exercising, then trampoline rebounding may be a good option for you. Many forms of exercise result in high impact force on your knees and ankle joints, but when you jump on a trampoline, the force is spread more evenly throughout your body. With elastic bungee cords instead of springs, this fitness trampoline is soft on the knees and absorbs a lot of the impact for you. Perfect if you’ve had prior injuries, or if you need to take it easy as you’re breaking into the exercise world. Trust us, your body will thank you! 🙌 

So, what are you waiting for? Try something new this year and shop the SkyFitness 40” Trampoline today! Your 2023 fitness goals await you, let’s start jumping! 

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