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Which Trampoline is the Bounciest?

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We know it can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to purchasing a trampoline with the endless amounts of shapes and sizes available. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the right choice when choosing a trampoline for your family.

A few key components to keep in mind concerning the overall bounce of a trampoline:

  1. More springs means more bounce
  2. The longer the spring, the higher the bounce
  3. The jump mat affects the bounce

While these key components do affect the underlying bounce of a trampoline, the shape is the main determining factor. That being said, every shape offers a unique bounce.

Rectangle Trampoline

This shape is especially perfect for aspiring gymnasts because it offers the highest lift. The springs work independently, creating an evenly controlled takeoff and landing regardless of a jumpers’ position on the trampoline mat.  The shape also offers a longer side to side jumping surface while providing a sturdy bounce. This is great for practicing flips and cartwheels.

Square Trampoline

Not only does this shape provide a superior bounce, it also allows a larger jumping area compared to the traditional round trampoline because you can utilize the corners of the jumping mat. It provides a better bounce than the typical round or oval trampoline but less than a rectangle trampoline.

Round Trampoline

This popular shape provides a great bounce for all users. It features a consistent bounce that very naturally redirects the jumper back toward the middle of trampoline regardless of where their take off was made. A benefit to this shape is the entire frame absorbs the forces applied to it each time a person jumps.

  Oval Trampoline

This shape showcases a larger jumping surface and an extra-long jumping surface compared to the traditional round trampoline. The similar design naturally redirects the jumper back toward the center of trampoline mat. The oval shape offers a softer bounce that is perfect for protecting delicate joints. You will have to put in more effort to get a bounce similar to the other shapes.

Did you know the bounciest trampolines in the world aren’t available for sale to the general public because they are so dangerous? The Guinness World Record was set by three brothers: Eric, Sean, and TJ Kennedy who bounced into the air at 22-feet and 1-inch. While we know bouncing high into the air is something we aim for when jumping on the trampoline, bouncing that high into the air can be extremely dangerous. We make sure our trampolines have the perfect balance of bounce and safety.

4 Responses to “Which Trampoline is the Bounciest?”

  1. Danny Mickel on 30 Jan 2019 at 6:48 am

    According to me, Rectangle Trampoline is best for bouncing because the shape of trampoline also affects the jumping experience for aspiring gymnasts because it offers the highest lift. In every Gymnastic activity, Rectangle Trampolines are mostly used.

  2. Skywalker Marketing on 31 Jan 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Danny,
    You are on point with rectangular trampolines being the best choice for the highest lift and aspiring gymnasts! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Jon K on 25 Mar 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Which trampoline is the bounciest in the Premium line? The “17×10” or the “16′ Square”. Also, of whichever 1 is picked, i would also like to know if it is significantly bouncier or just a little bit. Trying to decide between the 2. Thanks

  4. Skywalker Marketing on 29 Mar 2019 at 9:41 am

    Hi Jon,
    Both trampolines are extremely bouncy. They both use the larger springs which is where the big bounce comes from, however, the square does have a little more mat to move so it may be slightly less bouncy. It will not be significantly different so you really won’t go wrong either way.