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Unexpected Pumpkin Carvings Made Easy

Oct 26, 2018

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We love October. And with October comes pumpkins and we know that when it comes to carving them, it can get downright scary (why can’t they come pre-gutted?). We love seeing pumpkin masterpieces but we realize that everyone doesn’t have the time or patience for that. And while simple jack-o’-lantern carvings are a classic, we can’t help but love these clever ideas that show just how creative you can get without dedicating hours to your pumpkin.

      Add Fangs

These pumpkins show us how you can get creative with little to no carving. Drop by the dollar store for plastic fangs and thumbtacks for eyes to create these cute spooky vampires.

Add Mice

This Mouse Motel is giving us some serious Cinderella vibes. And the best part is, you don’t even have to gut it! Come on, have you ever seen mice look that cute?


Candy. Lots of Candy.

As if Halloween isn’t already all about candy, let’s add some more to our pumpkins. The only downside is that you can’t eat the candy once it’s glued on so definitely be smart here and choose your least favorite kinds for this.  

Mr. Pumpkin Head

This just might be the most brilliant idea in Halloween history. Ok, maybe that is exaggerating but pull out your Mr. Potato Head because he’s about to get the best makeover.

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