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Top 3 Grilled Fruit Recipes

Aug 23, 2018

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Top 3 Grilled Fruit Recipes (One of these might surprise you)

We’re all about spending quality time together and backyard grilling makes that possible.

We love it because it makes the clean-up quicker later on but the kids have another reason why they love it. It’s easier for them to grab your attention from the trampoline while showing off their new trick. Either way, it’s quality time together and isn’t that we’re after?

Side Note: I’m not saying alone time isn’t just as good!

Here’s a list of our top three favorite grilled fruit recipes. Some you’ve probably heard of before but there might be a few surprises.  

1.Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Peaches

This one’s definitely a fan favorite.

2.Sweet + Spicy Grilled Cantaloupe

Surprised? This one might sound a little different but trust us when we say you need to try it!

3.Grilled Mango With Jalapenos

A little twist to sweet mangoes that you won’t regret.


All recipes are linked above and credit goes to their original sources.

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