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Why Sports for Girls is Important

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We believe every day is great to support and celebrate girls and women in sports. The first Wednesday of February marks the 33rd annual National Girls And Women in Sports Day (NGWSD).

In 1987, NGWSD began in Washington DC, as a way to recognize women’s sports. The day brought together premier female athletes to help bring national attention to girls and women in sports. In addition, it was a remembrance for Olympic volleyball player, Flo Hyman. Hyman was an accomplished athlete and dedicated to promoting equality for women as well the positive influence participation in sports has for girls.

This year’s theme, “Lead Her Forward,” honors how sports push girls and women to realize their boundless potential.

Top 4 Benefits of Sports for Girls

  1. Increased physical health including fewer chronic illnesses, higher body esteem, lower risk of obesity and stronger bones
  2. Better in school performance by learning skills that benefit organization, setting priorities and budgeting time. Participating in sports doesn’t take away time from studies, it increases commitment to schoolwork.
  3. Supports community involvement by becoming more socially adjusted
  4. Positive psychological health including higher self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence and lower rates of depression

How Sports for Girls Improves

Team sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball teach you how to be aggressive, competitive and tough. This helps shape people who are eager to take on more responsibility and seek promotions.

Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who competed in a number of high school sports said:

“I liked team sports the best. When I’m pulling a business team together, I still use those basketball aphorisms I learned as a young person: ‘Let’s pass the ball around a little before game time.’ ‘Do we need man-to-man or zone defense?’”

The Power of Many by Meg Whitman

96% of female CEOs stated they participated in sports when they were younger. To name a few:

Girls involved in sports at a young age show signs of determination with leadership potential. Sports encourage women to break gender norms. This is often required to reach executive positions in the business world.

When parents encourage girls to be athletes, it inspires women to not only be competitive and successful at work but in everything they do.

Join us in celebrating women’s accomplishments in sports by sharing how athletics has made an impact on your life.

Make sure to use #GirlsAndWomenInSports.

Find events honoring this day in your community.

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  1. Alden Smith on 12 Feb 2019 at 10:39 pm

    Sports are beneficial to everyone. It provides plenty of physical as well as mental health benefits. Girls who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression.