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Tired Of Sweeping Leaves Off Your Trampoline?

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Autumn is a hard season not love. The weather starts to dip and the leaves turn golden, leaving picture perfect days filled with pumpkins and warm drinks. And let’s be honest, what’s not to love about that?

Well, we can only think of one.

The colorful leaves are falling from that maple tree looking over your trampoline and debris starts to pile onto your jump mat. The enclosure net that keeps your kids safe while jumping is also keeping the leaves from blowing away.

We have just the thing to solve this problem.

Our weatherproof vinyl-coated trampoline cover is especially useful right now. The weather is still nice enough (in a lot of areas) to keep your trampoline out and our covers make it so that you don’t have to continually sweep debris off your jump mat.

The cover easily attaches over the trampoline once the enclosure net poles are lying flat on the jump mat. It features a heavy-duty cord that goes around the edge of your trampoline to secure it in place with straps that hook onto the v-rings for added security. We’ve also included drain outlets to help prevent rain and snow buildup.

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