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How Long Will My Trampoline Last?

Jan 30, 2019

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How Long Will My Trampoline Last?

Do you find yourself gazing out the window contemplating if your current trampoline is still safe for the kids to jump on? Thinking about purchasing a new trampoline for your family? These are all questions that come into play when investing money in an outdoor trampoline for kids. Like all investments, we want to know how long they’ll last.

Let’s break down a trampoline lifespan and how you can add more time to yours by following these quick tips.

Mother Nature Plays into a Trampoline Lifespan

Weather is the main factor that will impact the longevity of your trampoline. While trampolines are made to be outside, weather conditions will affect a trampoline lifespan.

1.Trampoline springs get stretched out when snow and ice is left on the trampoline mat

It’s best to winterize your trampoline while you are winterizing your yard. This includes removing the enclosure net, mat and springs and storing in a dry place. The frame is fine to be left out, even in harsh conditions.

2. Extended periods of time exposed to direct sunlight weakens the jump mat

While sunscreen is used to protect our skin, the direct UV light can damage the jump mat

Pro-Tip: If possible, place the trampoline in a shady area. If not, consider purchasing a trampoline cover to protect the mat from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Trampoline Maintenance

Long Trampoline Last

Consistent, regular maintenance of your trampoline will increase its life. If you find that you need to replace a specific part on your trampoline (i.e. jump mat, springs, spring cover), be sure to check out our parts page.

Continued care of your trampoline will extend its lifespan and keep you bouncing for years to come.

Use Will Impact Lifespan

Long Trampoline Last

You will see the most wear and tear in the jump mat. With every jump you take, the mat takes on all of that kinetic energy. Larger jumpers will stretch the mat and springs faster than lighter jumpers.

By taking a few precautions, you can extend the life of your trampoline mat:

  • Do not wear shoes while jumping
  • Jeans and exposed zippers may snag the mat
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects in your pockets
Long Trampoline Last

Trampoline springs wear out and lose their bounce.  A great way to extend the lifespan of trampoline springs is to make sure the springs are not exposed to the elements. As soon as you notice that your trampoline mat is losing its bounce, or you notice broken springs, consider replacing parts.

Keep Your Trampoline Clean

Dirty trampoline mats can be unsafe. Dirt, leaves, tree branches and other debris that find their way onto your trampoline will eventually damage your trampoline mat while causing build up in the springs.

Long Trampoline Last

To prevent this, regularly clean your trampoline with soap and water and a soft bristle brush. In between cleanings, clear off debris by hand or by spraying water over the trampoline.

This being said, if you follow these tips to the best of your ability, expect 5-7 years out of your trampoline.

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Skywalker Trampolines stands behind our quality guarantee with a one-year warranty on soft materials and three-year warranty on the frame.

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