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Difference Between a Round and a Square Trampoline

Mar 14, 2019

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Square Trampoline. Round Trampoline. Rounded Square Trampoline. There is a wide array of trampoline shapes and, and surprisingly, each shape accomplishes different goals.

Not every bounce is created equal. It depends on what shape of trampoline you have as to the type of bounce you will experience.

Trampoline shape does matter, and we want to help you understand what the differences are and which shape is best for you.

Square Trampoline

Square Trampoline

The Square trampoline frame has a higher gauge of steel, and the mats have been tested four times the recommended normal weight of 250 lbs. How does that translate? It means if you have a pet bear, it could jump to its heart’s content without you worrying.

Square trampolines also have a secret weapon. Their corners. Corners on brownies can be a drag, but when it comes to trampolines, you want the corners. Why? The corners give you 20% more jumping space compared to the round trampoline of the same size.  The corner to corner measurement on a square trampoline will beat any other round trampoline.

No matter where you jump on the square trampoline, you can expect your bounce to have power and height. Not all of the springs work at the same time when you bounce on the square trampoline. The springs work separately, depending on where you jump on the surface of the trampoline, creating the ability to have a higher, more powerful bounce.

If you like your space or are secretly training to be a ninja, the square trampoline is the one you want.

Round Trampoline

The round trampoline frame is made from the same gauge of steel as our other trampolines, and the mats have been tested four times the recommended normal weight of 200 lbs.

You will receive a different type of bounce from the round trampoline than what you would from the square. When jumping on a round trampoline, each of the springs works at the same time which means your bounce will not be as high. The center of gravity is in the middle of the round trampoline which means when you jump, you will be pulled back towards the middle. Bouncing away from the middle point of the round mat will create a smaller bounce.

The round trampoline reduces the height of your jump, which makes it an ideal trampoline for younger children.

Round trampolines are the more common trampoline on the market, which in turn means the round is a more affordable option.

Round Trampoline

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