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Autism Awareness Month

Apr 1, 2019

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We are so excited to do what we can to contribute to Autism Awareness this month! To kick off the month, we will be hosting trampoline sponsorships for families with kids and adults alike on the spectrum that cannot afford to purchase a trampoline for therapy. You can nominate someone you know (or your own family) by submitting this form.

We will also be hosting a series of guest writers who will share their personal and professional experience with adults and children on the spectrum.

In addtion, we wanted to give a brief overview of how trampoline therapy can benefit those on the spectrum.

Trampoline Therapy and Autism

Rebound therapy can help people on the spectrum by improving posture, balance, and coordination. In addition, the repetition of physical movements is a well-known coping mechanism for those on the spectrum. The motion of jumping on a trampoline can act as a substitute for other forms of repetitive behavior. It also provides the self-stimulatory sensation needed to soothe and integrates fun without the stigma of “stimming.”

What We’ve Done in the Past

Last year, we hosted an Autism Awareness Giveaway where we chose four families who we felt would benefit from a trampoline. Here are a few photos with some of the families we were able to sponsor last year.

Thomas and his family in front of their new trampoline
Enika enjoying her trampoline surprise!

Jumping is an excellent way to promote physical fitness and even more so, it can make a significant difference in the physical and mental development of kids on the spectrum.

Don’t miss out on nominating a family (or your own) that you know would benefit from a therapy trampoline.

Please note that only individuals or families with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will be considered.

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