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The 16′ ft Square Trampoline: When Bigger Gets Even Better

Nov 1, 2017

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Introducing our most MASSIVE trampoline ever! If you thought our 17’ x 10’ Olympic-sized trampoline was big, wait till you see our 16ft square trampoline!

If that’s not convincing enough, check out these key features that make the 16′ ft Square Trampoline mind-blowing awesome.

1. 22 ft Corner Measurement – The square shape alone provides 20% more jumping space than typical round trampolines, and boasts a large 22 ft. corner to corner measurement!

2. Increased Weight Capacity. – Per ASTM safety guidelines, our products are tested up to four times the recommended normal user weight of 350 pounds. This 16′ ft square trampoline share provides a more robust frame and is a more efficient use of yard space.

3. Longer and Thicker Springs – 104 rust-resistant 8.5-inch springs of the 16′ ft square trampoline are over 50% longer AND thicker than traditional 12′ ft trampoline springs.

4. Assembled Weight –  Assembled, this trampoline 16′ ft square trampoline is 507 pounds. That’s a quarter-ton or the weight of a grand piano. Make sure you assemble this trampoline where you want it to reside long-term.

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